Marvel Studios: Kevin Feige does not rule out Venom joining the MCU in the future

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Much has been said about the possibility that the universes of Marvel Studios and the Spiderverse from Sony cross your paths with Spider-Man as a central axis, even going through moments of uncertainty for the rights of Spider-Man. And with the arrival of the multiverse to the UCM, fans once again speculate about the possibility that the characters of both companies share movies in the future, a possibility that is even more sensed from the Vulture cameo in the Morbius trailer. But what about Venom, one of Spidey’s most popular villains? Kevin Feige has talked about it.

Kevin Feige doesn’t rule out anything at all

And it is that long ago, so much Sony Pictures What Marvel Studios They already talked about the possibility of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man moving between both universes; And the rest of the characters? Can they cross over? Since Rotten Tomatoes (via Screen Rant) asked the president of Marvel Studios directly about this possibility and Kevin Feige replied that “I wouldn’t rule out anything at all”.

“I don’t want to talk about rumors or speculation about what could and could not happen in relation to any character that Marvel Studios has not brought to the screen yet. But I’ll say what I’ve always said, that having been with Marvel for 20 years I wouldn’t rule anything out. I wouldn’t rule out anything at all. When, how and where to see. Any rumor you read on the internet could happen anytime between tomorrow and never, ”says Kevin Feige.

While he has not confirmed a possible crossover in the future, at least the president of Marvel Studios value the possibility and he is aware of the expectation that a film of these characteristics would raise, without discarding anything completely. We will see if finally with the premiere of the new Sony Pictures films (such as Venom 2 O Morbius) and the next film by Spider-Man in the UCM new clues are given about this possibility for the future.

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