Marvel: the evidence that Lady Loki is not the villain of the series “Loki”

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Things are not what they seem in Loki. We already know that the Marvel series on Disney Plus is about the God of Mischief, so it would not be appropriate to believe in everything that the Agency of Temporal Variation raises. You have to have some critical spirit to anticipate the events of the third Marvel series and we cannot ignore these clues that do not make Lady Loki the main villain.

The second episode of Loki introduces Lady Loki, the evil variant of Thor’s brother. From what we already know, she is the one responsible for the murder of several AVT agents and her plan is to bombard the Sacred Time Line with Nexus events. Everything makes her seem like the antagonist of the plot, but some details seem to save her from unjust condemnation.

The first thing to consider is that Lady Loki only attacks the AVT. His attacks on the timeline have certainly hurt others, but in a story where things are constantly resetting, and where the AVT itself constantly erases entire branches of the multiverse, that kind of damage feels strangely less violent.

Although Mobius has been kind to Loki in general, there is still a lot about the AVT as a whole that has not been revealed. The organization claims to be a force for peace and order, but that is all according to the perspective of the Time Keepers and that is suspect.

MARVEL | He left C-20 alive

Lady Loki took a hostage in the second episode, something that – according to Mobius – the variant does not do after her attacks. The C-20 hunter appears near the end of the chapter and from her we know that Lady Loki knows the location of the Time Keepers. Why didn’t the variant kill her after obtaining the confession if it thus prevented the AVT from knowing of her plans? Maybe Lady Loki isn’t so bad after all.

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Another detail at the end of the second episode is the portal that Lady Loki leaves for Loki to follow. It seems highly unlikely that he left the door open by mistake, which means that he might want Thor’s brother’s collaboration after all. Maybe you want to speak away from the prying ears of the AVT or you just want to trust him.

MARVEL | Single version

Finally, the only reference to the greatness of the Guardians of Time is through the AVT, an organization created by the Guardians themselves. What’s so impartial about that? Probably, Lady Loki does know the unofficial version of the Guardians and that is why she fights to destroy the Sacred Line of Time, because – to date – there is no conclusive evidence of the war of the multiverse described by Miss Minutes.

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