Marvel: the Russo brothers explain what happened to Captain America on his time travel

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Marvel Studios officially closed the plot of several of its characters at the premiere of Avengers: Endgame. Iron Man and Black Widow, for example, perished in the process of defeating Thanos.

Captain America, on the other hand, was on a mission to return the infinity gems to their original timeline and avoid a bigger problem with time travel. To the lament of the Avengers, the character was left in the past and aged there.

When he returns to his original timeline he comments to Falcon that the shield now belongs to him and that he had a good time in the past.

CinemaBlend media reports that the Russo brothers explained about it on the Lights Camera Barstool podcast. Everything seems to indicate that Steve Rogers did spend his post Avengers: Endgame days with Peggy Carter.

“One thing that is clear that Anthony and I have discussed, I don’t know if we have discussed this publicly at all, the Captain would have had to have traveled back to the main timeline,” says Joe Russo. “That’s something that, yes, it would have been in a secondary reality, but it would have to travel back to the main timeline to give that shield to Sam Wilson.”

“In our internal logic that we defined in the room, that was the choice we made, it was based on everything that happened, it would have been in a secondary reality and then it had to have changed, so it jumped from one universe to another, and it handed over the shield ”, was the explanation about how time jumps work.

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Marvel: Kevin Feige finally revealed what the fate of the Avengers will be

Phase 4 was expected to begin in April last year, but the premiere of Black Widow had to be postponed until early 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In the last big Disney announcement at the end of 2020, the production company shared the entire premiere schedule with the release dates of its new productions.

Marvel’s new release schedule stayed like this – 2021/2023

WandaVision – 15 de enero, 2021The Falcon and The Winter Soldier – 19 de marzo, 2021Morbius – 19 de marzo, 2021Black Widow – mayo 2021Loki – mediados del 2021Venom: Let There Be Carnage – junio 2021Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – 7 de julio, 2021What If…? – primera mitad del 2021Eternals – 5 de noviembre, 2021Ms. Marvel – finales del 2021Hawkeye – finales del 2021Spider-Man 3 – 17 de diciembre, 2021She-Hulk – inicios del 2022Moon Knight – inicios del 2022Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – 25 de marzo, 2022Thor: Love and Thunder – 6 de mayo, 2022Black Panther II – 8 de julio, 2022Blade – posiblemente 7 de octubre, 2022Captain Marvel 2 – 11 de noviembre, 2022Armor Wars – 2022Ironheart – 2022Secret Invasion – 2022Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special – 2022Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania – 20234 Fantásticos – 2023Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – 2023

Recently, Kevin Feige, CEO of Marvel Studios confirmed that the Avengers will return in the future. In conversation with the IGN medium, Feige commented that the Avengers franchise must return “sooner or later.”

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“I must think that. I would say yes, at some point, “explained the executive about the return of the Avengers to the big screen. Unfortunately, he commented that they still have no date for the case.

Recall that the calendar they shared is projected until 2023 and they have not announced an Avengers title. For now, each character will explore their story separately in exclusive Disney Plus movies and series.

“This required no shuffling at all in terms of creativity … As is often the case when curveballs are thrown at you, the unexpected has often served Marvel Studios well, and it has served us well in this case because this show, being ours First, I love how daring it is, ”was what Feige added in a past interview regarding the premiere of series of the UCM characters.


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