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Marvel: the second episode of “Loki” revealed who is the “evil variant” [SPOILER] – Depor Newspaper

The second episode of Loki came out with everything. The community already knows who the evil variant of Thor’s brother is. The data has surprised thousands on social networks and readers of the comics are already sharing information about the character.


At the end of the second chapter of Loki, the exclusive Marvel series for Disney Plus, viewers learn that the “evil variant” pursued by the Agency of Temporal Variation is Lady Loki, played by Sophia Di Martinos. The last scenes revealed what his plan would be for the Sacred Line of Time and for the fate of Loki himself.

Lady Loki is popular in Marvel comics, and if the rumors are to be believed, she won’t be the only variant of Loki we’ll see in the Disney Plus series. How long his tenure in the MCU will last remains to be seen, but it seems likely that he will immediately aspire to make a mark.

In the comics, Lady Loki is created in the wake of Ragnarok, an event that also didn’t happen in the same way as the MCU version, and the destruction of Asgard. According to the plot, the spirits of the Asgardian people find their way into the bodies of new hosts on Earth and Loki takes over the body of a woman. This is how Lady Loki appears, reappears in canon and collaborates with Doctor Doom. The most appropriate thing is not to think of Lady Loki as just another character, because it is Loki himself.

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At the close of the second episode, Lady Loki reveals that her plan was to draw the attention of the AVT hunters to steal as many “reset bombs” as possible to spoil the Sacred Time Line. There are no further details on what will come next; However, according to the testimony of an AVT member abducted by Lady Loki, the character knows where the Time Keepers are and is haunted by a disaster that has yet to be revealed.

The short version of the plan appears to be that Lady Loki is trying to do exactly what Loki himself intended: gain an audience with the Time Keepers and presumably depose them, overthrowing the greatest power in the multiverse. His motivations are unclear for now, but they could very well be as simple as Loki’s quest for power. Upon learning that the Infinity Stones are worthless in the AVT facilities, Loki would be obsessed with reaching those new levels of power.

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