Marvel: this is Tom Holland’s training for “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

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Tom Holland take your role for Spider-Man: No Way Home seriously. So your preparation to bring good Peter Parker to life includes a tough exercise routine accompanied by a diet that helps you get better results in less time. The actor trains with one of the most prestigious coaches in Hollywood. We are talking about Duffy Gaver, who helped transform the bodies of Chris Hemsworth for Thor and Brad Pitt for Achilles, among others.

The exercises the actor performs include weight lifting as well as a tiring boxing routine. The latter with the trainer Louis Chandler, who helped the actor achieve better levels of speed and reflexes that will serve him in his action scenes such as Spider-Man in the next entry of Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom Holland’s training

One of the aspects that Tom Holland he truly hated his training is what is known as EMS, where they put pads and a black suit on the interpreter. In this way, electrical impulses stimulate the muscle mass of anyone who uses these elements in order to improve training results through this alternative form of physical conditioning.

“You wear that black suit and they put these pads on you and basically do a yoga class while they electrocute you. It’s horrible,” Tom expressed about that part of his preparation to become the Peter Parker that we all love and admire. Sure, it must not be very pleasant to receive electrical shocks that help to grow muscles. At least he’s also preparing to face the villain Electro, which will be in the film …

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The truth is Tom Holland He leaves it all in each training session and the results are in sight. The evolution of his physique since his first time as Spidey in Captain America: Civil War It is truly impressive and fans of the superhero should be grateful for the level of commitment that the young performer has with his character. Well done, Tom! Spider-Man: No Way Home arrives at the cinema next December 16.

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