Marvel took sides in the conflict between Scarlett Johansson and Disney

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Scarlett Johansson Y Disney entered into a strong dispute over the premiere of Black Widow and cross-accusations were launched. As expected, Marvel could not step aside from the conflict and was expressed through its president Kevin Feige. The manager gave the press a glimpse of his feelings and He did not hesitate to take sides with one of the positions. What did he say?

The great bomb between two giants of the industry exploded this Thursday and had as its nascent point a lawsuit that the actress made to the company for considering that she violated her contract agreements by releasing the film in theaters and Disney + simultaneously. According to his vision, the modality affected the box office numbers and with them, the royalties that should be received for tickets sold. Disney responded by denying the charges and the novel will have to continue in court.

Marvel took sides in the conflict between Scarlett Johansson and Disney

Marvel plays a leading role in the production and was one of the most anticipated voices on what the conditions of all parties really were to make the launch. The Hollywood Reporter agreed to Feige’s opinions after what happened and they are in support of the artist.

As published by journalist Matthew Belloni, the president of the MCU “He is a business man and is not prone to corporate confrontations or shouting matches”. Yet he heard “who is angry and ashamed” after knowing the news of this Thursday.

Even Marvel had warned Disney that the film should only be released in theaters. Feige lobbied the company, but couldn’t stop Black Widow from finally hitting theaters and streaming at the same time.. In fact, the executive interceded between both parties to avoid the lawsuit that ended up being presented in the last hours.

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