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Marvel Unveils Sneak Peek of Relaunched Series

Marvel Unveils Sneak Peek of Relaunched Series

It was a monumental moment in X-Men history when June’s X-Men #35 marked the official end of the Krakoan era, which began with Jonathan Hickman’s revolutionary Dawn of X relaunch in 2019. The series has seen significant changes over the past five years, ever since House of X and Powers of X brought a new dynamic to Marvel’s X-Men comics. Now, the X-universe is in for another major shakeup with the launch of X-Men: From the Ashes and the introduction of new titles and teams led by fan-favorite characters like Cyclops, Rogue, and Kate Pryde.

The new era begins with X-Men #1, the first of three flagship titles in the From the Ashes series. Gerry Duggan, a long-time writer for the series, will pass the mantle to Jed MacKay, known for his work on Avengers and Blood Hunt. Illustrations will be handled by Ryan Stegman, who has previously worked on Superior Spider-Man and Uncanny Avengers. The story will drop the Alaska-based X-Men into a baptism by fire scenario off the coast of Santo Marco, with MacKay expressing his excitement about showing fans the first inklings of the new direction for the X-Men in 2024.

During a panel at South by Southwest earlier this year, MacKay shared, “It’s not just those three titles in this relaunch, there’s a lot! [X-Men] is where we’ll see the first inklings of what the X-Men will look like in 2024. I’m very excited for you guys to see it when it comes out. If you look at that line-up, they’re a group of people who are not well suited to integrating into the world. And in these books, we’ll see what that means and what it looks like going forward.”

The new X-Men lineup features Cyclops, Beast, Psylocke, Kid Omega, Magik, Temper, Juggernaut, and Magneto. According to the official description, “Cyclops gathers a group of his most trusted and reliable mutant soldiers along with the brightest of the next generation to tackle the most prevalent threats to mutantkind, including an existential new enemy that rises out of the remains of Orchis.” This team is prepared for anything, handling explosive mutant-specific issues without restraint, with a mindset that humanity can hate them as long as they fear them.

X-Men #1 is set to go on sale on July 10th from Marvel Comics, promising to bring a thrilling new chapter to the X-Men saga.

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