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Marvel Unveils “Venom War: It’s Jeff” (Exclusive)

Jeff the Land Shark is poised to become the latest character embroiled in the upcoming “Venom War,” a symbiote-driven event set for 2024, which will see father and son, Eddie and Dylan Brock, battling it out to determine who truly deserves the title of Lethal Protector. This event will extend its influence across the Marvel Universe, featuring multiple miniseries and tie-ins. What’s particularly interesting is that Marvel has chosen to include Jeff the Land Shark in this major storyline. Fans familiar with Jeff’s escapades from Marvel Unlimited’s Infinity Comics will soon see him stepping into a larger role within the “Venom War” event.

ComicBook has exclusively revealed that “Venom War: It’s Jeff #1” will be penned by writer Kelly Thompson and illustrated by artist Gurihiru. This creative duo, well-loved for their work on the popular Infinity Comic “It’s Jeff,” are thrilled to renew their collaboration, this time with some surprising guest characters.

“It’s pure joy to work with Gurihiru on anything, and our ‘It’s Jeff’ collaborations are always extra fun,” Thompson said. “However, I confess that getting the chance to tell a longer and more intricate story, featuring stars like Kate Bishop, Gwenpool, and American Chavez, was an unexpected delight. Witnessing another dimension of Jeff in this tale felt like a really enjoyable expansion of his character.”

The premise of “Venom War: It’s Jeff #1” teases an exciting and humorous storyline. The official description reads: “WHAT’S EATING JEFF…AND WHAT’S JEFF EATING?!? That’s right—the crossover event of the summer finally spotlights Jeff the Land Shark! When Jeff’s night of fun is interrupted by the chaos of the Venom War, can Marvel’s cutest predator keep his composure? Or will he succumb to the symbiote’s allure and end up devouring someone’s brains?! The team behind the hit Infinity Comic delivers an over-sized, all-new story about the world’s most adorable predator!”

In Gurihiru’s cover art for the issue, Jeff is depicted sitting on the floor beside a mirror, pondering which superhero costume to try on. He is holding Spider-Man’s costume, and various other costumes like those of Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, the Fantastic Four, Captain Marvel, Thor, Gwenpool, and Black Panther are scattered around him. However, looming in the background is the Venom symbiote, seemingly ready to take over Jeff.

As for the broader context, Marvel’s “Venom War” promises an intense face-off between Eddie and Dylan Brock. Described by Marvel as “LAST VENOM STANDING! The Venom Symbiote has bonded with both Eddie Brock and his son Dylan. Now both are clashing head-to-head to claim the title of the one, true Venom. This battle will be a father-versus-son showdown that threatens to tear the world apart! Helmed by heavyweight talents Ewing and Coello, this is a Battle for the ‘Biote like you’ve never seen!”

Al Ewing, the writer behind “Venom,” elaborated on the stakes of the event: “This is what we’ve been building towards since the start of this wild and way-out symbiote odyssey—the fateful confrontation between father and son! And where better to stage this than inside the squared circle? I can’t think of a better person to bring this all-action epic to life than my old friend Iban Coello. Expect vehemently varied Venom violence like never seen before. When the dust settles, only one host can wear the symbiote. Who’s it going to be?”

Fans are eagerly anticipating how Jeff the Land Shark, typically known for his light-hearted adventures, will adapt to the darker, more intense atmosphere of the “Venom War.” The unique blend of humor and high stakes promises to deliver a memorable storyline that will stand out in Marvel’s expansive comic history.

Source: ComicBook