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The first episode of What If …?, Marvel’s animated series for the Disney Plus platform, annoyed comic book readers by minimizing the story of the sword that Captain Carter used in the final battle. We tell you what is the secret behind this powerful weapon, although the chapter has overlooked many details.

The final scenes of What If …? They show Captain Carter confronting Shuma-Gorath in a Hydra castle. At one point, the superhero picks up a sword and uses it to push back the mystical beast. The episode does not develop more details of the sword, but the Marvel comics tell a very different story to the origin of this weapon.

Captain Carter is actually an adaptation of Captain Britain, also known as Captain Britain, which debuted in 1976. After a near fatal accident, the wizard Merlin and his daughter Roma heal Brian Braddock and offer him to be Captain Britain. He accepts responsibility and must decide between one of two sacred objects: the Amulet of Truth and the Sword of Power. In the end he decides for the amulet.

The detail is that the Marvel multiverse has several versions of Captain Britain, so there were those who opted for the sword, which has a mystical enchantment that makes it much stronger and more durable than any other weapon.

WHAT IF …? | Animated series trailer

We have seen some of this mystical power in the fight against Shuma-Gorath when we saw how the blade did not break when the sword was driven into the ground.

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The community suspects that it is the same sword as Captain Britain, due to the Nazis’ obsession with the relics of the past. Somehow or another, the sword got there and Hydra treasured it along with other sacred objects from Europe.

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