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Peggy Carter was the protagonist of the first episode of “What if …?”, While in the second chapter we saw a variant of T’Challa, who joins the Guardians of the Galaxy. Marvel Studios will explore in this series strange stories that we do not get to see on the big screen.

For now, the critics have been extremely positive and the producer is already planning the premiere of a second season. Recall that the story of the zombie Avengers is yet to be released and they could basically unleash creativity for new mixes of characters.

Kevin Feige talks about the future of “What if …?”

Recently, the CEO of Marvel Studios has visited several US media to respond about the future of phase 4. As reported by the media , “What if …?” will have a second season.

“That’s the fun of having ‘What If …?’ series now; we can explore questions like this, ”Feige explained. “And I’ll say, just when Season 1 is building on the MCU movies and stories you’ve seen thus far, Season 2 will definitely incorporate Phase 4 movies,” he added.

AC Bradley, the main screenwriter, also spoke about how they chose the stories to develop: “We looked at the great moments of the MCU and thought of ways to change them, that’s where we started. We came up with 30 loglines and pitched them to Kevin Feige. He chose 25 of them ”.

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