Marvel will not premiere “Eternals” on Disney Plus and in cinema simultaneously – MRT

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Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has begun. The three Disney Plus series, “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”, “WandaVision” and “Loki”, have had very good audience numbers but it has not been the same case with “Black Widow”, the first film of this phase .

Many attribute the low viewership in theaters to the simultaneous premiere on Disney Plus; However, we are in a complex situation where not all theaters in the world have managed to reopen after the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, everything seems to indicate that with “Eternals” they will not make the same mistake. Recently, a teaser was released on television in the United States during coverage of the Olympics.

There, the following is specified “only in theaters on November 5”. All traces of the streaming platform have been removed, possibly also to avoid legal problems with the actors.

Recall that Scarlett Johansson has denounced Marvel for breaching the contract by releasing “Black Widow” simultaneously. It will be an issue that will be resolved in the courts.

What are the abilities and superpowers of the “Eternals”?

Ikaris: One of the leaders of the Eternals team will be played by Richard Madden. Apparently, he will have the ability to manipulate cosmic energy; In addition, in the comics it has been shown that he has immunity to diseases and that he does not age.

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Sersi: another of the leaders of the Eternals. Gemma Chan will play the character who has the powers of a sorceress, she can also alter the matter and composition of living organisms.

Thena: Angelina Jolie joined the MCU on this project to play the powerful Thena. He would have a leading role in this film due to his combat skills and creating any weapon with cosmic energy.

Ajak: Salma Hayek is another of the Hollywood stars joining “Eternals.” It is one of the wisest and has supported the development of humanity with knowledge. He can also quickly heal others and can communicate with Celestials.

Makkari: this will be one of the fastest characters in the MCU. Not only can it move around the entire Earth in a matter of seconds but also through the universe. Lauren Ridloff will be the actor who plays this character.

Kingo: Actor Kumail Nanjiani showed on social networks his arduous training in the gym for this role. He can manipulate weapons, use cosmic energy, and has great fighting skills.

Druig: This could be one of the villains of the film due to the fact that he normally disagrees with the Eternals. Barry Keoghan will be Druig, who has the ability to manipulate minds.

Sprite: Young Lia McHugh will take on the role of this Eternal. In addition to the powers of the other Eternals related to cosmic energy, it can also create illusions in the minds of others.

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