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Marvel will premiere the Hawkeye series with a surprise that will delight fans

Hawk Eye will make its debut at Disney + on November 24, 2021. And to celebrate that little is missing, Marvel has confirmed that that same day not a single episode will arrive, but two.

Announced today by Disney, the Six-episode season will begin with two episodes on November 24, with a new episode a week later. And coinciding with the Christmas setting of the series, the season ends on December 22, 2021.

Along with this news, a new look at the series has arrived, showing a little more of the Captain America musical, arrow tricks and more details that the first trailer already anticipated. You can see the new trailer below:

The program is set in New York City sometime after the return of all the people who disappeared with the snap of Thanos. In that context, Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner, aims to get home in time for Christmas, but is intercepted when “A threat appears from his past.”. That leads him to team up with the superhero’s biggest fan., Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) to stop his criminal plans.

Also, on the way, we will meet Lucky the Pizza Dog, which is excellent news. It is about the dog Lucky, a one-eyed labrador that appears in the Hawkeye comics and which is much loved by fans.

The series actually started out as a movie, but has become part of the great list of Disney + series that will come out as part of the UCM. In addition to Renner and Steinfeld, the series will feature Vera Farmiga as Eleanor Bishop (Kate’s mother), with Tony Dalton as Jack “The Swordsman” Duquesne, with Fra Fre as Kazi, with Zahn McClarnon as William Lopez, and with Alaqua Cox as Maya Lopez, also known as Echo, and which can perfectly copy the movements of another person.

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