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Even though the first season of What If …? It showed so many apocalyptic worlds and situations, it even featured several favorite characters from the Marvel community. The new episode schedule promises to continue that trend as the MCU unfolds on the big screen.

The first season of What If …? set the stage for the final battle against Ultron Vision, who was able to seize all the Infinity Stones and travel through the Marvel multiverse. The idea will be to see something similar to what the Avengers did in the cinema, but this time with the alternative versions on the small screen.

What has become clear, after the statements of the main writer of What If …?, AC Bradley, is that the intention was not to delve too deep into any particular character to leave some intrigue for the second season.

WHAT IF …? | Preview of the last episode

Marvel writer anticipated what we would see in the second season of What If …?  – Depor Newspaper

In a new interview with EW, Bradley says that season 2 of What If …? It will focus much more on the characters themselves, leaving aside the bombastic stories. Beyond that, he talked about the new possibilities for season two as the MCU continued to advance on the big screen.

“The Season 2 episodes” will be much more focused on the stories of the characters and these heroes, and will show a different side of them that people don’t expect and can hopefully relate to, “said Bradley.

The change of pace can be risky, because the main appeal of What If …? they are the alternative histories of what would have happened in the UCM. However, Bradley wants to take the opportunity to play with the elements to show more aspects of the characters.

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“It’s supposed to be just about entertainment and what these heroes mean to us,” he added.

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