Marvel Zombies: memes and reactions for episode 5 of “What If …?” on Disney +

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New Opening Wednesday for What If…? on the streaming service Disney+, with a new look at the Marvel Cinematic Universe that once again managed to impact fans. In today’s episode we were introduced to a unique reality in which our favorite superheroes turned into zombies and they left the door open for us for a continuation. This is how they lived it on the networks!

Thanks to this animation show, we know completely different universes from the conventionality of the MCU during the films, and that is why the chapters manage to arrive in a different way from the rest of the productions. “What if … Zombies?”, was the name of the one who arrived this morning, with the following synopsis: “When the Avengers are infected by a plague of zombies, the surviving heroes seek a cure”.

It all starts as in Avengers: Infinity War, where Bruce Banner He arrives on Earth to give notice of the arrival of Thanos, but contrary to the film he does not meet anyone. While walking the streets of New York, he meets the villains, who are defeated by Iron Man, Doctor Strange y Wong, but there is an unforeseen: all three heroes are zombies.

We soon discovered that the outbreak started when Hank Pym travels to the Quantum Realm to rescue Janet Van Dyne, but she has contracted a virus and when she returns to the world she begins to infect a large part of the population, also the Avengers. We have a fun Spider-Man who has managed to captivate by his jokes in the midst of the tragedy, since he confesses that hope is the only thing that keeps him after several close losses.

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The episode manages to complement in a great way what we already saw in WandaVision, as we observe how anguish and pain lead to dangerous actions that put humanity at risk. This can be seen in Hope in the eagerness to try to rescue her mother, who was the first infected, and in Vision, who keeps Zombie Wanda alive and tricking people into being her dinner. Finally, a plan of Thanos zombie with the Gauntlet they give us the idea that this will continue. Check out what fans said on Twitter!

+ Memes and reactions for episode 5 of What If …?

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