Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man is seen in action for the first time in intense gameplay

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Spider-Man is one of the great incentives of the coming weeks as part of the roadmap of Marvel’s Avengers, the Marvel-based video game by Crystal Dynamics next to Square Enix. And is that a few days after its arrival as free DLC exclusive to the PS4 and PS5 versions of the video game, we can now enjoy a first video with gameplay how the arachnid superhero spends them spreading tow, throwing nets and swinging between dozens of enemies. This is how the media has published it in scoop IGN through a video that you can see below these lines.

This is how Spider-Man fights in the Avengers video game

And it is that IGN has had access to test Spidey in a game session of the new content of Marvel’s Avengers, sharing his game experience through a intense gameplay that you can see below. So much so, that we can already see how Peter Parker’s alter ego will move in the game and make, of course, the comparison with the successful games of the arachnid of Insomniac.

As explained by IGN, the sensation of playing with Spider-Man is similar to that of Black Panther, although with a even more agile control, combining kicks and punches with Spider-Man’s own stunts and the use of cobwebs. In addition, among Peter’s special abilities we find a kind of spider web bomb and a drone. All this adapted to a more corridor gameplay, far from the open worlds of other titles, although we can also swing O climb walls.

Of course, nobody expects a campaign or exclusive missions from Spier-Man, since it is only a hero event in which to play content already existing in the game. Of course, its creators promise around 40 different appearances, some unlockable while playing and others premium; we already saw some of them in a recent image gallery. Spider-Man will come to Marvel’s Avengers the next November 30, 2021, only for the PS4 and PS5 versions.

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