Marvel’s Avengers will reveal its updated roadmap for 2021 in a few days

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Crystal Dynamics has reported through an official statement that Marvel’s Avengers will have updated its content roadmap next Wednesday September 8th. The North American firm, which just a few weeks ago launched the War for Wakanda expansion (Black Panther), the largest to date, it still does not specify when we will be able to play the long-awaited episode dedicated to Spider-Man on PS5 and PS4. Although they assured that it is still planned for 2021, the community is still waiting.

The official blog of Crsytal Dynamics specifies that it will be on September 8th when the calendar for the publication of upcoming content will be fully clarified; plus new content and rewards to celebrate the first anniversary of Marvel’s Avengers. “You have been very patient, and we are finally ready to share with you a updated roadmap for the rest of 2021. Stay tuned for her on September 8, “they comment.

Will they reveal the Spider-Man expansion for Marvel’s Avengers?

The update will only reveal content for 2021 and will occur, coincidence or not, just one day before PlayStation celebrates its PlayStation Showcase with the future of PlayStation Studios and third-party developments.

“In addition to our updated roadmap, we want to offer additional information on what we have planned for the future. Our blog on the state of the game will reflect on this first year and share with you our plans for the future ”, they clarify.

In the absence of knowing what they will show us, all eyes point to the next known expansion, that of Spider-Man, which will arrive as an exclusive character for PlayStation consoles before the end of the year; unless there is a new delay. The new movie of the tremamuros premieres on December 17: Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix promised, despite not being the expected success, that the game will be supported “for years to come.” Marvel’s Avengers is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Google Stadia, and PC.

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