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Marvel’s emotional message to Chadwick that moved everyone

Chadwick Boseman He physically left us on August 28, 2020, almost a year ago. Since then, the world Marvel he was never the same again without him King of Wakanda. Of course, the young actor left his mark on the brand with the passion that he impressed on each of his participations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. From Captain America: Civil War, going through your entrance Black Panther, the movies of Avengers and the project What If…? by Disney+.

Too young to go Chadwick He had a personality and a charisma that made him a star that attracted by nature. Your participation in the MCU immortalized it as T’Challa, the King of Wakanda, who has a noble spirit and understands justice better than anyone. A character who decided to spare the life of his father’s murderer. A character who achieved icon status.

More than an actor!

“Dedicated to our friend, our inspiration and our hero”, says the sign with which Marvel decided to honor the actor and close the second episode of What If…?, made by Chadwick, in which his character takes a different course and becomes the new Star-Lord. Nobody knew, when the interpreter recorded that participation, that he had been diagnosed with a cruel disease that would take him away so young.

The passion for their work and a 100% dedication to T’Challa converted to Chadwick in a very special companion. The scriptwriter of What If…?, A.C. Bradley, told how the actor was concerned about Black Panther and shared ideas for the show Disney+ what were they “Smart, eloquent and brilliant!”

The tribute of the brand in What If…? moved all the followers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who were waiting for a special occasion to say goodbye to this young man who marked a before and after in the cinema, thanks to a character who is recognized as a true icon. Gone was the physical life of Chadwick. Ahead, the memory of his fans who love him so much.

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