Marvel’s Killer Monkey Is Ready: Hit-Monkey Animated Series Final Trailer And Poster

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Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, the new animated series of Marvel Together with Hulu, everything is ready for its premiere on November 17, 2021 in the United States. So much so, that those responsible have presented both the final trailer (which you can see heading this news) as the poster definitive of a new animated series for adults that does not skimp on explicit violence.

Marvel’s macaque seeks revenge

Thus, this new series originally developed by the disappeared Marvel Television and whose rights have passed to Marvel introduces us to a japanese macaque who comes across a fearsome murderer, Bryce. But when Bryce is killed by the mob, the ape sets out on a journey of revenge led by the ghost of his new friend in order to finish off all those who murdered his translucent new adventure partner.

This new trailer includes a ton of previously unreleased footage that gives us a glimpse of the adult and visceral tone of an animated series clearly focused on adults. And it is that Hit-Monkey will face villains as powerful as Lady Bullseye, Fat Cobra and Ogun, former teacher of Wolverine and one of Logan’s most fearsome enemies throughout the years.

As we say, Marvel’s Hit-Monkey will premiere on November 17, 2021 in the United States through Hulu; At the moment there is no date for Spain, although it should not take long to be issued, probably through the Disney Star Channel +. We leave you with your official synopsis:

“Hit-Monkey revolves around a Japanese monkey, of the same name, who is an expert marksman and has great agility and reflexes. This monkey trains to take a dark and bloody revenge journey through the most dangerous places in Tokyo. For this training he has the great help of the ghost of an American assassin ”.

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