Marvel’s Spider-Man and 4 other essential arachnid games

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Marvel’s Spider-Man is, along with Miles Morales, one of the titles — if not the most — most loved among fans of the arachnid. The quality of the work of Insomniac Games for PS4 it was more than contrasted (87 in Metacritic both by the press and the users) and we will still have to wait to know details about the second part, so taking advantage of the expected premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home in cinemas, we believe it is a good time to rescue from oblivion some of lthe best games what has left us the saga.


  • Release year: 2000
  • Platforms: PC, PSX, N64 and Dreamcast

Spider-Man’s jump to three dimensions could not be missing from the list. A classic among the most nostalgicas it automatically became one of the childhood titles of many players. It is likely that soon after it was surpassed by other deliveries thanks to technological advancement, but there is the premiere of Peter Parker in the 32-bit generation. An unforgettable action adventure based on the Spider-Man and Spider-Man Unlimited series.

Spider-Man 2: The Game

  • Release year: 2004
  • Platforms: PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox and GameCube

Without a doubt, one of the favorites among the legion of followers of the arachnid. A full-fledged open world and action title. It was based on the film itself directed by Sam Raimi, who returned to repeat in Spider-Man 3, allowing licenses as a spectacular fight against Mysterio, among other surprises. It was the first title in the series that offered the possibility to freely roam – and swing through them – such iconic environments as Manhattan, Ellis, Liberty Island and Roosevet.

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Ultimate Spider-Man

  • Release year: 2005
  • Platforms: PC, PS2, Xbox and GameCube

It surprised everyone by its Cel-Shading graphic section, but also thanks to its story, written by Brian Michael Mendis, author of the homonymous comic. The script, which sets its starting point in the death of Spider-Man’s parents (Peter Parker) and Eddie Brock, is a true tribute to the license; It has a huge amount of winks that delighted the fans and invites us to undertake an intense journey in the form of a sandbox, in which there is no shortage of confrontations against such popular final bosses as Green Goblin, Venom, Rhino, Human Torch and Electro, among others.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • Release year: 2010
  • Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii

His main hallmark is already more than enough to want to prove it: the possibility of controlling Spider-Man of up to 4 different universes of the franchise. In addition, the premise of the story is very interesting, since it revolves around the destruction of the Table of Order and Chaos, something that leads to the crossing between the multiple realities of the universe. This time around, the series left open-world mechanics behind to offer a more linear, action-packed adventure.

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