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Marvel’s Wolverine is official; Insomniac’s Big Surprise First Trailer on PS5

Marvel’s Wolverine is the new Insomniac Games project. The authors of Ratchet & Clank and Marvel’s Spider-Man surprise locals and strangers with a title that no one saw coming at the PlayStation Showcase. This time it’s not the Manhattan wall-crawler, it’s Wolverine, Wolverine, a X-Men. The chosen one has a name and surname, it is the next video game from the Californian studio. It does not have a release date, but it will be coming soon to PS5.

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Bluepoint Games, fifteen years of trust with PlayStation

The Bluepoint Games studio, based in Austin, Texas, United States, has been working closely with Sony for fifteen years. Since that long-ago Blast Factor on PS3 in 2006, the succession of commissions, remasters, ports and remakes or reimagines have formed not only a tonic, but a hallmark. Famous are the excellent God of War Collection for PS3, his first critical success; added to the collections of Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Konami) or Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection in 2015.

Since then, his three most recent works are Gravity Rush Remastered, Shadow of the Colossus and Demon’s Souls; the latter two in 2018 and 2020, respectively. The close relationship with Sony Interactive Entertainment has made it easy for the purchase to be finalized. They were, in a way, a second party of the Japanese.

This same week we have seen a similar movement such as the purchase of Firesprite, the studio resulting from the closure of SIE Studio Liverpool, parents of WipEout. After taking over The PlayRoom, Run Sackboy! and The PlayRoom VR, it’s time to keep working in VR with something totally new for them. The future of Bluepoint Games, focused on remasters and remakes, poses an encouraging future for the brand.

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