Mary Lee Harvey’s Journey: Makeup Artist, Controversies, and Life Beyond Steve Harvey

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Mary Lee

Mary Lee Harvey is a skilled makeup artist best known as the ex-wife of Steve Harvey. She is the second wife of Steve Harvey. Despite not being acknowledged as a makeup artist, she rose to fame following her legal spat with Steve Harvey. Despite being separated, this couple has a child together.

Mary Lee Harvey spent time in prison for various reasons during her life. She was an independent woman who never shied away from defending her interests. People only became aware of Mary’s life after she became associated with Steve Harvey. 

Early Life 

Mary Lee Harvey, a well-known host, comedian, and ex-wife of radio celebrity Steve Harvey, was born in the late 1960s in the American city of Texas. They have been together for 17 years; she is his second wife. When she filed for divorce, there was a lot of media and public attention.

Before meeting Steve, no information is available regarding Mary Lee’s early years, including her upbringing, education, or employment history. Only as it got close to the comedian did it begin to shine. The two reportedly fell in love for the first time after meeting while performing at a comedy concert in Arlington, Texas, in 1989. 

How did Mary Lee and Steve Harvey Meet? 

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey met in Arlington, Texas, in 1989. Steve Harvey was performing stand-up comedy at the time. Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey hit it off immediately. At the time, Steve was divorced and the father of two girls. Before he met Mary Lee, Steve reportedly battled to establish himself as a significant figure in the entertainment industry.

Steve’s comedic career started to take off in 1990, and in 1996 he was given his program, the well-known sitcom “The Steve Harvey Show.” Mary and Steve were married in Texas that same year. Then in the following year, 1997, Mary and Steve had a son.

With all the love, drama, and tragedy in her relationship, it’s no less than a romantic love story. She gained attention due to her relationship with Steve, and due to the controversies, she gained even more fame and millions of people’s attention worldwide. 

How was Mary Lee’s Relationship with Steve Harvey

Sources claim that Mary Lee and Steve Harvey initially had a romantic connection. After their marriage, they both relocated to Los Angeles, California and began living their lives. Harvey was going through a difficult moment when she met him because of his job and the death of his mother.

However, like a good wife, Mary helped Steve Harvey escape the trauma. She even gave up her job as a makeup artist to be with her husband when his career experienced a meteoric rise. Yet, they subsequently began complications in their married lives. 

Divorce of Mary Lee with Steve Harvey 

Many people were shocked in 2005 when Mary Lee and Steve chose to end their 17-year marriage. According to sources, there were many causes of the outbreak, one of which is a question of disbelief. She alleged he had an extramarital connection with Marjorie Bridges during their marriage.

She started producing YouTube videos after their divorce, a custody battle for her child, and a question to get more people to support her. In the videos, she accuses Harvey of being unfaithful and tormenting her physically and mentally. 

These comments were the last straw for Steve, who then proceeded to court to file a lawsuit to stop the rumors she was spreading. She said that his statements were unsupported by evidence and were thus untrue accusations. She could no longer maintain her husband’s famous status because Steve’s work was flourishing, another factor in the divorce. Steve wins in a custody dispute involving his child, but Mary inherits Steve’s home and a welfare payment of $40,000 monthly for four years. 

Mary Lee and Steve Harvey’s Son 

Steve Harvey and Mary Lee had a kid together, Wynton Harvey. His birthday is July 19, 1997. Wynton moved in with his father in 2011 when Mary lost custody of her child. 

Why was Mary Lee Imprisoned? 

When she was detained in 2013, she was imprisoned for one month. According to Marry Lee’s Wikipedia entry, she received a court order prohibiting her from discussing her divorce and the custody of their kid in public. Unfortunately, she disobeyed the ruling and persisted in discussing her divorce in public, which led to her detention and imprisonment. 

Mary Lee Harvey’s Net Worth

Mary Lee Harvey has a reported net worth of $1 million, going from a backstage makeup artist to the center of controversy and rumors. She received a monthly payout of USD 400,00 until 2009. (for four years after their divorce). Mary Lee’s net worth has increased to an estimated $1 million thanks to Steve Harvey’s home.

As of 2023, Mary Lee is making a respectable living and leading the lifestyle she desires; the average pay for makeup artists in the USA is nearly USD 60,000.  

Sources anticipate that as of 2023, she will have a net worth of USD 600,000 from the success of her different undertakings. Her wealth soared due to her relationship with Harvey, who is thought to be worth USD 140 million.

Her wealth will undoubtedly continue to rise as she pursues her goals.  

Social Media Presence 

Mary Lee doesn’t use any social media sites. This is one of the main reasons that most people only know about her previous marriage to Steve Harvey when asked about her personal life. On the other hand, Steve Harvey is quite popular on social media. 


Other sources claim that Mary remarried and is now known by the surname Vaughn. Her most recent legal action against her ex-husband, which she reportedly described as “murdering her soul,” was allegedly filed in court in 2016. She filed a lawsuit and sought USD 60 million, but she was unsuccessful. 

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