“Mary-Louise Parker Reflects on Ex Billy Crudup’s Wedding with Naomi Watts: A 20-Year Reflection on Infidelity Scandal”

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Mary-Louise Parker on Ex’s Wedding with Naomi Watts

The marriage of Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup had an unexpected edge when The Guardian interviewed the actor’s ex-partner, Mary-Louise Parker, to give her opinion on the bond between his ex-partner and the British interpreter.

Beyond the fact that both had a turbulent relationship, the former Weeds surprised with a conciliatory response that showed that the past was definitely behind. “I wish you the best,” said the actress.

“He is the father of my son, so of course I will want the best for him,” she added, stating that the wedding brought her great happiness.

Parker Reflects on Past Relationship

“I was happy that they found each other,” said Parker, who began a relationship with Crudup in 1996 that ended abruptly seven years later, when she was seven months pregnant with her son William.

At that turning point in his life, the actor told her that he was in love with Claire Danes and decided to end the relationship, overrun by the American interpreter’s alleged infidelities.

In his revealing memoirs, Dear Mr. You, edited In 2015, Parker wrote about how difficult it was for her to go through that difficult time – as well as the media attention – and how she found a way to heal.

“Now I realize that what was happening to me was only a part of my life, a single piece of a much bigger story that is also very beautiful,” she wrote in her book.

Claire Danes Opens Up about Relationship

For his part, Danes, who separated from Crudup in 2006, also alluded to that stage and did so with brutal honesty.

“I was in love with him and I needed to explore that, plus I was 24 years”, said the actress of Toby’s new life, who also made a mea culpa. “I didn’t know what the consequences of what I was doing would be and the criticism of what happened scared me a lot, it was very hard because I didn’t know how to deal with it,” she explained.

The Emmy winner shared that she, as time went by, managed to pull herself together, and that she weathered the storm. “Now we are friends with Billy,” said the wife of actor Hugh Dancy, with whom she is expecting her third child, at age 43.

Details of Naomi Watts and Billy Crudup’s Wedding

Naomi wore a $5,000 Oscar de la Renta Sweetheart Water Lilly Guipure wedding dress, holding a bridal bouquet. She was also seen wearing a gold wedding ring. Billy, who was wearing a navy suit and white shirt, while carrying their overnight bags.

Watts and Crudup met on the set of Netflix’s 2017 psychological thriller Gypsy, in which they played a marriage on the rocks. In that filming, the actors fell in love and began a low-key courtship.

After a year of trying not to be caught by the flashes, they were photographed at the party that took place after the BAFTA Awards in London. That same year, meanwhile, the actor from The Morning Show explained why they decided not to appear in public.

In a chat with Entertainment Tonight, he recounted: “I try to make sure that I don’t publicly comment on my personal life. I don’t particularly see the advantage of people knowing too much about me if I’m constantly trying to trick them into thinking I’m someone else.”

Therefore, the couple kept their bond out of the public sphere and only appeared on certain occasions, such as the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Celebrity Reactions to Naomi Watts’ Wedding Announcement

In fact, when the engagement rumors surfaced, Naomi was a guest on the Today television show and wore a diamond ring on her ring finger that did not go unnoticed. However, the actress preferred not to give details of what would be her imminent wedding.

The happy news was finally confirmed by Watts herself this week with a photo of her on social media in which she was seen with her new husband on the steps of the New York courthouse. According to her, it was an intimate ceremony in which they were accompanied by family members and only a few friends, such as actors Mark Ruffalo and Josh Hamilton.

In the publication in question, many celebrities reacted with comments of happiness to the surprising civil union. “Oh wow! Congratulations!!! So happy for both of you,” Michelle Pfeiffer wrote when she heard the news. “Hurrah! I just woke up to this! Congratulations! You two couldn’t look happier!” Jennifer Coolidge commented for her part. Additionally, Gwyneth Paltrow, Miranda Kerr, and Justin Theroux also commented on the austere but sweet post.

On the other hand, Liev Schreiber, Watts’ ex-partner and father of the actress’s children, Alexander and Samuel, was very effusive: “Congratulations, beautiful!” Wrote the actor from On the Front Page, who spent 11 years as a couple with Naomi.

Wedding Details

As for the look, the Twin Peaks actress chose a simple and beautiful dress by designer Oscar de la Renta, made of lace at a cost of 5 thousand dollars, which she opted for to accompany with a bouquet of white flowers and the Briony Raymond signature gold wedding ring.

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