“Mask Singer Secrets Revealed: Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres Unmasked as Aliens!”

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First Double Mask in Mask Singer and…Success!

The popular Spanish TV show Mask Singer has been thrilling audiences with its costumed contestants and celebrity judges who try to guess who they are. In the latest episode, Ana Obregón and Javier Ambrossi managed to guess correctly, identifying Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres as the Aliens. The couple excitedly removed their masks after singing Mon Amour by Aitana and Zoilo, but unfortunately, they did not make it to the semifinals.

The guessing game on Mask Singer, which has become one of Spain’s most popular TV contests, draws many spectators, with everyone trying to guess who is behind the masks. This year’s edition has introduced some surprising names like Bo Derek, Feliciano López, Naty Abascal, Valeria Mazza, and many more.

Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres in Mask Singer

Paula Echevarría, a popular Spanish actress, has been in a stable relationship with Miguel Torres, a former football player, for the past five years. The couple recently celebrated their son Miki’s second birthday. Paula is also a mother to Daniella, 14, the result of her marriage to David Bustamante.

Despite their stable relationship, the couple has no intention of getting married. “We have both been through it, and we give the right importance to marriage. A good coexistence is the basis of a lasting relationship, not marriage,” commented Paula.

Aliens Unmasked!

In the latest episode, the clues pointed to the Aliens as Paula Echevarría and Miguel Torres. The judges were skeptical at first, with bets ranging from Michelle Jenner and Hugo Silva to Ana and Luis Fernández, Isco and Sara Sálamo, but only Ana Obregón and Ambrossi guessed correctly.

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The couple took off their masks after an emotional night on the show, which is running out of costumes. “We are the first aliens to grace the cover of a human magazine. We don’t like potato aioli. We are light years away from our family, and there is no way to communicate with them,” they joked.

While Paula and Miguel failed to reach the semifinals, they appreciated every moment on the show, from recording the song to the choreography. “Nobody knows, not even my daughter,” said Paula with humor.

Masked Contestants Continue to Ignite Passion in the Judges

The contest continues on its way to the final with three masks: Seahorse, Rooster, Ratita. The judges have yet to find out who is hiding behind these disguises, but they are continuously analyzing the clues.

Ratita, who played Think by Aretha Franklin, revealed that she taught Spanish to Swedish kids as her first job. Gallo covered Venice by Hombres G. Disparate names such as Santiago Segura, Paz Padilla, and Karlos Arguiñano have all been suggested to be behind the Rooster’s mask. Seahorse’s mask has generated the most buzz with international names like Salma Hayek and Pamela Anderson being suggested by the judges.

The Mask Singer will continue to be a popular hit with its audience, with the guessing games continuing to ignite the passion in judges and viewers alike.

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