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Mask Singer’s Heartbreaking Farewell to Ana Obregón: An Emotional Roller Coaster

Ana Obregón Says Goodbye to Mask Singer

Ana Obregón has confirmed that she will not continue in Mask Singer the next edition. Despite being a television claim, the presenter and actress says goodbye to the contest that has helped her so much on the path of mourning after the death of her son.

The contest was recorded in March 2022 when Ana had not yet recovered her enthusiasm and desire to live with the arrival of her granddaughter. Participating in this contest was a very important step for her and for that reason she has said goodbye excited and above all grateful.

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“I want to thank the team … before I get sentimental. It has been my return to work with a lot of affection and love. We have been a close match. Thank you all”, were his parting words. For Javier Ambrossi, as well as for Mónica Naranjo and Javier Calvo, only has good words.

“Do you know that I adore you? It doesn’t matter who wins the gold binoculars that night, I’ve already won with you,” he assured. Obregón, who finally managed to win the prize and recognition of the contest for being the researcher who had guessed the most masks of her peers. Ana’s actress and the seven hit six of the sixteen masks that competed.

Program after program we have been seeing an evolution in her and how she gradually learned to live with the absence of her son Aless. Many months after the arrival of her granddaughter Anita, a year after the beginning of the recordings of the contest, it returned her desire to live, to fight and to experience that illusion that she never thought she would feel again.

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In the goodbye of Mask Singer there were not only moments of emotion, there were also funny anecdotes. Paco Tous, who was hiding behind the mask of El Gallo, discovered his identity and when he was about to sing the song by OBK Historias de amor suffered a spectacular fall on stage. An accident in which there was nothing to regret and after seeing the actor from Los hombres de Paco laugh and verify that nothing had happened, the investigators broke into a loud laugh that also made Ambrossi fall out of the chair. “Now the other one falls!” Tous exclaimed to the surprise of Ana Obregón who concluded by saying: “Here there are falls galore”.

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