¿Mass Effect: Legendary Edition en Xbox Game Pass? Microsoft Store lo sugiere

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has appeared with the Xbox Game Pass logo on the official Xbox portal in Poland, as advanced by the XGP medium (via VGC). The acclaimed collection of the BioWare and Electronic Arts saga raises alarms for an eventual arrival of the remastered trilogy on Microsoft’s subscription service. Right now, none of the parties has made official or denied the information, so right now it is only an indication, a suspicion.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Targets EA Play; EA has not commented

But a suspicion from an official portal. The antecedents suggest that it is an involuntary leak of what may happen in the next few dates. If so, it seems that Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is among EA’s plans for its arrival on EA Play, the library of video games under subscription of the North American company on consoles and computer; available at no additional cost in Xbox Game Pass Ultimate mode.

The story speaks for itself: the vast majority of Electronic Arts releases end up seeing the light of day on EA Play as the months go by. Consequently, also on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Released in May 2021, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition has become one of the most celebrated collections of recent times; Not only because of the return of what is one of the most important licenses of the last decade in the video game sector, but also because of the treatment that has been given to the three works that make up the collection.

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Xbox Game Pass is reinforced in November and December

Xbox Game Pass, meanwhile, continues to grow and increase the value of the service. Both based on aggregates of third party as through the publication of exclusive titles (Xbox Game Studios, Bethesda Game Studios and temporary exclusives) from the day of its release. To highlight, this month of November they have been incorporated at no additional cost to the subscription It Takes Two (EA), Forza Horizon 5 and the multiplayer mode of Halo Infinite (under a business model free-to-play). On December 8, all Xbox Series, Xbox One and Windows 10 PC users will be able to start enjoying the Halo Infinite campaign.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition se encuentra disponible en Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series y PC.

Source | XGP; via VGC


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