Mass Effect Legendary Stats: These Are The Players’ Picks

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Mass Effect: Legendary shows the main decisions that players have made during the first months on the market. The ability to play the entire trilogy in one same package Know the full spectrum, both the favorite squad mates and the percentage of actions in key moments. If you haven’t played them, we recommend that you stop reading here.

Mass Effect Legendary en números

We start with Shepard. 68% of the commanders chose their male version, compared to 32% of the female. The most chosen classes were soldier and vanguard, whose most requested background is service on earth with a psychological profile of a survivor.

In the first installment Garrus was the favorite companion of the players, followed by Tali, Liara and Wrex; the two humans, Ashley and Kaidan, occupy the last pair of positions, respectively. One of the curiosities of these statistics is the first meeting with the reporter in the Citadel. Only 32% behaved and agreed to answer their questions, while 68% neglected good manners.

What about the suicide mission? The key moment of Mass Effect 2 leaves us some really interesting data. Garrus returns to the top of a list, this time of characters who survived the final stretch the most times. It is followed by Jacob, Grunt and Miranda. The last positions are surprising: Mordin, Tali and Jack are the least survivors.

Many of the key decisions throughout the saga are on the side of good karma. Most of the community allied with Queen Rachni (93%), allowed Wrex to live in Virmire (94%), cured Genophagy (96%), and spared Tali (96%). There is a bit of a divide between Ashley and Kaidan on Virmire. 60% chose to save the first.

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