Mass mobilization to Plaza de Mayo and act with Lula: the “celebration” that the Government prepares for the Day of Democracy

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It is December 10, like every year, the restitution of Democracy and the rule of law due to the assumption of Raúl Alfonsín as President, that day in 1983.

But they are also fulfilled two years of the Government of Alberto Fernandez, which seeks to give a new show of strength in the streets. The ruling party is advancing at this time with the organization of a mega mobilization to Plaza de Mayo and an event that would have the presence of the former president of Brazil, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

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This Friday, the President received the representatives of the social movements aligned with the ruling party. The heads of Barrios de Pie, the Evita Movement, the Classist and Combative Current (CCC), among others, participated.

In the meeting – in addition to the negotiation with the IMF for the debt and the Multi-year Plan that the Government will present in Congress – the organization of the festivities next Friday.

“Let’s do a great mobilization to Plaza de Mayo, as was the one on November 17”Confirmed one of the social leaders present at La Rosada. He referred to the act that Alberto Fernández led for the Day of Militancy, after the defeat in the November 14 elections.

On that occasion, the President received the support of the organizations -with clear reading in the official intern– and relaunched his administration: he spoke of a “new stage” of government. The mobilization this Friday, they assure in La Rosada, is co-organized by the movements (closest to Alberto Fernández) and The field, which responds to Cristina Kirchner.

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As TN was able to know, in principle, the intention is that an act be carried out, in which talk Alberto Fernández and also the former president of Brazil, Lula. There would also be a kind of “show cultural”, with “popular artists”.

Lula’s presence is a sign, a message of strengthening a regional project, a signal also in the discussion with the IMF. It places us in a very clear tradition regarding the relationship with the Fund ”, says one of the organizers.

The Puebla Group made up of leaders of regional “progressivism” and former presidents such as Lula himself, Dilma Rousseff, Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, held a summit in recent days, reiterated “their support for the Argentine Government in its negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and urged the agency to review its policy on surcharges”.

In the Executive, however, there were differences of opinion regarding how to celebrate Democracy Day. A sector of the ruling party proclaimed for a more “institutional” celebration, which would integrate the different political sectors, as a dialogue signal. It was not, last night, completely ruled out.

The act of this Friday, December 10, would also include a Tribute to the victims of the repression of December 19 and 20, 2001 that had as a balance 38 deaths throughout the country. During the week, the President met with relatives of the victims and promised to send a “reparation” bill to Congress.

The warning of the social movements in the meeting with Alberto Fernández for the negotiation with the IMF

In full negotiation with the Fund, Alberto Fernández met with the leaders of the social movements. He had previously done it with the CGT, and had shown himself to businessmen at the closing of the Argentine Industrial Union (UIA).

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“We agree on the need to address the social situation, that our town does not resist an adjustment in five minutes, we need time ”, Daniel Menéndez, a referent for Barrios de Pie, told TN.

When asked if the phrase “we need time” referred to the fact that the adjustment will exist, but it will be sought to limit it, the social leader replied: “We must build an agreement where the conditions that the IMF historically imposes do not have the impact that they may have. . The adjustment levels historically proposed by the IMF are not feasible, there is no government that can build democratic coexistence with these conditions. You have to make it understood ”.

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