Master the Art of Shirt Folding in 5 Simple Steps

Whether you have an important meeting or an outing with friends, if you are going to wear a shirt, it is better that it is not frayed or well ironed.

If you give up on using this appliance and the table, then folding your clothes will be vital. Can shirts and polo shirts be folded easily? Is it difficult?

Know that there are different shirt fabrics, including wool, cotton, linen and silk. Some of these textiles will be more breathable, comfortable, and pleasant to the touch than others; it will depend on taste. However, the finishes are an aspect that brands keep exclusively, hence the prestige of some.

Having given this review, we are talking about a 5-step shirt folding system that is capable of leaving them in ‘perfect condition’ for their stored in drawers and travel suitcases. However, if you get the opportunity, always hang your shirts on a suit rack so that their shape does not change.

How to fold shirts perfectly?

First, we are going to ensure that the fabric of the shirts remains cold and that it is not ‘freshly ironed’ to fold it. Otherwise, they will be marked due to the heat put into your microfiber.

We are going to fully button the entire shirt from end to end. Then, we are going to have the garment on a firm table and with the buttons facing down or facing the other.

We are going to put a cardboard or a rectangular magazine in the center of the back, on the outside. Make sure it fits almost perfectly with your clothes.

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It’s time to fold the entire left side of the shirt at the height of the extreme side; we are going to make sure that the fabric is well stretched and not baggy.

Now, fold the left sleeve from the shoulder lengthwise downwards. We recommend making a small fold in the armpit so that everything lies flat. We are going to do the same action with the entire right part of the shirt.

At this point, we only have to pick up the bottom part of the shirt: we are going to fold all the bottom fabric of the shirt up to the edge of the shirt collar. That’s it!, we’ll just turn the shirt inside out. To remove the cardboard you just have to pull this utensil carefully. If you have a bit of leftover shirttail, just roll it up a bit.

If possible, always use hangers to keep shirts, polo shirts, T-shirts, and sweatshirts always smooth and with as little wear as possible.

Does this home hack help you? Did you find it interesting and did you learn a little more about cleaning and caring for your home without investing a lot of money? Like this ‘hack’, there is another type of utility that you will like. We invite you to get to know them and put them into practice.

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