Math software: Mathigon for experimenting with numbers and geometric shapes

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Colorful, diverse, close to everyday life – this is how the website presents itself Mathigon the viewer. Interactive elements challenge the play instinct: Geometric shapes can be rotated, compressed, stretched and deformed, variable circle or bar segments help to understand fractions and on a special scale you can compare the “weight” of numerical values.

The offer is divided into the areas “Courses”, “Polypad” and “Activities”; the courses are in turn grouped into “Basics” (6th to 8th grade), “Advanced” (9th to 10th grade) and “Advanced” (advanced level). The courses are explanatory texts on topics of mathematics, loosened up with graphics, animations and simple multiple-choice questions. The activities area brings together puzzles, games and interesting links.

The highlight is the Polypad, a free work surface on which objects such as abacus, number bars or polygons and tools such as rulers and protractors can be used and combined relatively freely. The core of the free offer is the web application. For mobile devices there are also Mathigon apps for Android (Download) and iOS (Download).

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