Mathías Brivio celebrated the rescue of a pigeon in Barranca: “Good things are shared” – MAG.

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The television host Mathías Brivio He used his social networks to share with his thousands of followers a video in which he shows how the rescue process of a pigeon was trapped in the cables of a pole.

Through his Instagram account, the former presenter of “This is war” and “Yo Soy” shared a video of the Municipality of Barranca in which he shows how the serenazgo staff took charge of the rescue with a drone.

At the beginning of the video, which lasts almost 2 minutes, the pigeon can be seen trapped in a cable and tied with an alleged sling made of stones. The rescue team is in charge of cutting the rope with a drone and then attending to his leg, apparently damaged.

“Rescue. Watch this video until the end. Great work of the Serenazgo de Barranca. They risked their equipment to save a little pigeon that was clearly going to die if they didn’t take over. Good things are shared! “he wrote alongside the video.

As expected, this gesture has managed to evoke the sensitivity of people. In just 7 hours, the video has more than 18 thousand reproductions and dozens of comments congratulating the rescuers.

It should be noted that the presenter Mathías Brivio is immersed in the development of his next work on television, he will be in charge of leading the return of “Peru has talent” through Latina Televisión.

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