Matrix: the basic framework for messengers in the healthcare sector

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The first expansion stage for the planned messenger service in the healthcare sector has been reached. The Society for Telematics Applications (Gematik) published the first specification for the chat project in the field of telematics infrastructure (TI) on Friday. The responsible product manager Eric Gray explained that the technical specification would be “further elaborated at some points”: “The basic structure is clear.” A milestone has been reached.

Industrial partners and third parties can use the specification Develop appropriate messenger solutions and submit them to Gematik. If this allows the programs, the manufacturers can offer them on the market. Above all, the free protocol matrix is ​​to be used under the hood.

Initially, the TI Messenger will be designed for employees in the health sector – for communication “on the short official channels”, according to Gematik. The demand for a secure and fast form of exchange with short messages is high among everyone involved, from the clinic to practice teams to nursing.

According to the company, when the first solutions will be available depends, among other things, on “how quickly partners can develop corresponding services”. He expects that the first relevant mobile applications will be on the market in the second half of 2022, Gray indicated. “The first providers are in the starting blocks.”

The Bundestag has outlined further expansion stages in the Digital Supply and Care Modernization Act (DVPMG): The next specification is to follow in April, and the group of users will then be expanded to include insured persons. For example, health insurance companies could offer a TI messenger via their own apps. This would then also provide patients with an encrypted communication channel in the healthcare system, including an option for document exchange. Video conferencing options are provided with a third level.

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