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Matt Barnes Critiques Clippers' TV Series

Matt Barnes Critiques Clippers’ TV Series

By now, most former Los Angeles Clippers players who have somewhat of a platform have weighed in on FX’s Clipped.

While the docuseries has been critically acclaimed for its dramatic portrayal of Donald Sterling’s disgraced ownership, it’s also faced criticism from former players on how they and their team were depicted.

Austin Rivers criticized some casting decisions, specifically Laurence Fishburne portraying his father. JJ Redick and Jamal Crawford shared their thoughts on their awkward representations. However, outspoken former player Matt Barnes had yet to comment, which was notable, given his platform on the All The Smoke podcast.

Barnes finally spoke out during a recent appearance on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz and shared his perspective.

“Sarunas (J. Jackson) is cool. I know Sarunas. We look somewhat alike. I guess if you’re going to say, I think they got me closest to right over any other player,” Barnes remarked regarding the actor who played him. “We’re pretty much the same height, same complexion — very similar. But you look at the other casting, and it’s not even that they don’t look alike or didn’t act well; they just look nothing like.

“Blake’s (Griffin) guy, like holy sh*t. You made DeAndre (Jordan) this weirdo that likes lizards, and he’s nothing like that. Real philosophical, deep guy — he’s nothing like that. Jamal’s portrayal made me laugh. Chris Paul’s portrayal was disappointing. However, Ed O’Neill as Sterling, Laurence Fishburne as Doc, the lady playing V. (Stiviano), and the actress playing Shelly Sterling were well-cast,” added Barnes.

Barnes found the series entertaining but criticized its accuracy in depicting Sterling’s disconnect from reality. “He really thought people f*cked with him; he was America’s sweetheart. And although I didn’t have any run-ins with him, he was just very disconnected from reality,” Barnes said.

Despite noting some flaws, Barnes admitted Clipped was an enjoyable watch. However, he feels the show missed the mark on portraying meeting conversations and day-to-day activities accurately. Barnes, who consulted early on the project, felt they sensationalized events for entertainment.

“We didn’t really know what we were getting into at the time. I was one of the main voices during that period, and looking back, we should’ve sat out. But at the time, it was just too much unknown. Our team had a chance to win a championship, and we were one of the league’s best before Golden State’s rise,” Barnes reflected.

Jessica Smetana raised important questions about the show’s portrayal of Jordan with a lizard, something Barnes refutes ever happened.

“The lizard, the braids; me and DJ were literally laughing,” Barnes said. “I was like, ‘Was I high the whole time? I don’t remember you having braids.’ ‘Matt, I didn’t have braids at all.’ They made DJ weird, but he’s one of the coolest, down-to-earth, laughing, joking guys. Our team had so much fun despite the serious circumstances.

Barnes also pointed out the disservice done to Griffin and Paul’s portrayals as being overly serious. He described Griffin as a “comedic genius” and felt the show nailed some stereotypes but missed their personalities.

Besides casting, Barnes criticized the dialogue. He understands the challenge of moving the story along, but it didn’t reflect their communication style on the team. Recreating real-life events, especially under emotional circumstances, is tough.

“This is not to sh*t on anyone who made the show; it’s challenging to capture what was happening, what was said, and how we managed the situation,” Barnes commented. “I’d say the biggest misconception was the way we talked to each other.”

Source: The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz