Matt Damon went to see Boca and he went crazy!

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Matt Damon visited a popular show YouTube where he spoke of different issues that make the actor’s current affairs and projects such as his last entry into the cinema: Question of Blood, where he plays a rude operator of a North American oil rig who visits Marseille to see his daughter who is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit. In this context, the interpreter did not hesitate to describe the situation more “loca” that he had to live. The answer is color Blue and gold.

The protagonist of Good Will Hunting and the saga Bourne he is married to Argentina Luciana Barroso, and on a visit to the country he was curious about a sporting event that was being promoted everywhere: a final with Boca Juniors of protagonist. Matt didn’t hesitate and asked his wife’s uncle if they could go. Seriously, the man replied: “No women or children! “

Matt Damon sang “Go Booo …!”

“The craziest thing I saw in my life was a Boca Juniors game in Argentina”revealed Damon. The popularity of the team and its fans, The twelve, surprised this North American used to sporting events with less passion. The multitud Bostera made tremble The Bombonera and Matt was pure amazement.

Some issues, which are not common in the United States, fascinated the successful protagonist of The Big Scam. For example, the three police checkpoints that he and his wife’s uncle had to go through to get to the field. Also, the elements that police personnel have for the possible disturbances that Argentine passion can cause. The folklore of the number one sport was alien to the actor.

La Bombonera conquered Matt Damon. Photo: Getty.

Boca won that final! Matt was amazed at the whole experience of following the most popular team in the country and was getting ready to go home when he Uncle Hector He explained that they would have to wait a few minutes at the stadium. “Why?”The Hollywood figure wondered. Of course, he did not count on the need to give the visiting team time to get away from the neighborhood. The only thing that mattered to the actor was that the Blue and Gold celebrated a new star.


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