Matt Pittman Net Worth

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Matt Pittman Net Worth

Matt Pittman Net Worth

Matt Pittman, a renowned figure in the world of barbecue and grilling, is known for his expertise and passion for cooking meat. As the founder of Meat Church, he has not only gained a massive following but has also built a successful business empire. With his remarkable skills and dedication, Matt Pittman has amassed an impressive net worth, solidifying his position as one of the leading personalities in the barbecue industry. Let’s delve into the fascinating details of Matt Pittman’s net worth and discover some interesting facts about his life and career.

Matt Pittman’s Net Worth

As of 2023, Matt Pittman’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. This substantial figure is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and the success of his business ventures. Through his brand Meat Church, he has created a range of products including rubs, sauces, and even apparel, all tailored to enhance the flavors of meat and elevate the grilling experience.

The Journey to Meat Church

Matt Pittman’s journey in the world of barbecue began as a hobbyist, grilling for family and friends. His passion for great-tasting meat led him to experiment with different flavors and techniques, ultimately leading to the creation of his own line of rubs. What started as a small-scale operation soon gained popularity, propelling Matt Pittman to establish Meat Church in 2014.

Meat Church: A Barbecue Empire

Meat Church has grown exponentially since its inception, becoming a household name among barbecue enthusiasts. Matt Pittman’s dedication to creating high-quality products with exceptional flavors has earned him a loyal customer base. From signature spice rubs like the Holy Cow to mouthwatering barbecue sauces, Meat Church has something to offer for every meat lover.

A Social Media Sensation

Matt Pittman’s rise to fame can be largely attributed to his social media presence. With over 500k followers on Instagram, he regularly shares his grilling adventures, recipes, and tips with his fans. His engaging content has garnered immense popularity, making him a go-to source for anyone seeking inspiration or guidance in the world of barbecue.

Matt Pittman’s Cookbook

In 2020, Matt Pittman released his first cookbook, “Meat Church: The Gospel of Barbecue.” This cookbook offers a comprehensive guide to mastering the art of barbecue, featuring recipes, techniques, and expert advice. The book has been widely acclaimed by both amateur and professional pitmasters, further solidifying Matt Pittman’s status as a leading authority in the barbecue community.

Commonly Asked Questions about Matt Pittman

Now, let’s address some commonly asked questions about Matt Pittman:

  1. What is Matt Pittman’s height and weight?
    Matt Pittman’s height and weight information is not publicly available.
  2. Is Matt Pittman married?
    Yes, Matt Pittman is married to his wife, Catherine Pittman.
  3. How old is Matt Pittman?
    As of 2023, Matt Pittman’s age is 47 years old.
  4. What inspired Matt Pittman to start Meat Church?
    Matt Pittman’s passion for grilling and his desire to create exceptional flavors inspired him to start his own line of barbecue products.
  5. Where can I purchase Meat Church products?
    Meat Church products are available for purchase on their official website, as well as select retail stores and online platforms.
  6. Does Matt Pittman offer grilling classes?
    Yes, Matt Pittman occasionally hosts grilling classes and workshops, providing enthusiasts with hands-on learning experiences.
  7. What are some of Matt Pittman’s most popular rubs?
    Some of Meat Church’s most popular rubs include the Holy Cow, Honey Hog, and Gospel All Purpose.
  8. Has Matt Pittman appeared on any television shows?
    Yes, Matt Pittman has made appearances on various television shows, including Food Network’s “BBQ Pitmasters.”
  9. Does Matt Pittman have any collaborations with other brands?
    Yes, Matt Pittman has collaborated with brands like Traeger Grills and Yeti, creating special edition products.
  10. Are Meat Church products suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
    No, Meat Church’s products are specifically designed for meat-based dishes and are not suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  11. Does Matt Pittman have any plans for expanding Meat Church?
    Matt Pittman is consistently exploring new avenues for expanding Meat Church, whether through new product launches or partnerships.
  12. Does Matt Pittman participate in barbecue competitions?
    Yes, Matt Pittman has participated in several barbecue competitions throughout his career and has achieved notable success.
  13. Does Matt Pittman have any plans for future cookbooks?
    While there is no official announcement, it is highly possible that Matt Pittman may release future cookbooks to share more of his expertise and recipes.
  14. How can I stay updated with Matt Pittman’s latest ventures?
    You can follow Matt Pittman on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as subscribe to the Meat Church newsletter for regular updates on his latest ventures and products.


Matt Pittman’s journey from a barbecue hobbyist to a prominent figure in the industry is truly inspiring. With his remarkable net worth, Matt Pittman’s passion and talent have not only brought him personal success but have also enriched the lives of countless meat enthusiasts around the world. As he continues to innovate and share his expertise, Matt Pittman’s influence in the world of barbecue is set to grow even further.

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