Matter of interpretation 52: Dystopia of employee surveillance

Episode 52 of the c’t data protection podcast was streamed live from stage 3 of the Techtide digital conference yesterday, Thursday, under strict 2G + regulations. In line with the motto of this stage, this time the focus was on extreme forms of employee monitoring. The science journalist Eva Wolfangel, who also writes for heise online, recently got one for exactly that scary research released. And she was the live guest on the episode.

Eva Wolfangel, Holger Bleich and Joerg Heidrich during live podcasting

Wolfangel reports on the use of US surveillance software in German companies. For example, Unicredit Services in Munich, which is known in this country under the HypoVereinsbank brand, uses Securonix: “Which websites you visit, which emails you write, which programs you use – all this is recorded by different systems at Unicredit Services”, an insider told her. Other software that is used in Germany comes from Forcepoint or Genesys, for example.

Wolfangel discusses with Joerg and Holger the data protection, but also ethical consequences of this new dimension of employee monitoring.

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Episode 52:

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