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Matthew McConaughey’s Eye Swells Shut After ‘Nasty’ Nature Incident

Matthew McConaughey shared a painful yet humorous encounter with nature on Instagram. On Wednesday, July 10, the actor posted photos of himself after being stung by a bee. Despite the visible swelling, he managed to maintain a smile.
Photo: Getty Images

In the photo, McConaughey’s left eye was notably swollen and almost shut, whereas his right eye remained clear and bright. Fans poured into the comments section with a mix of concern and humor, offering advice for the swelling and making bee-related puns.

One fan joked, “Oh no! 🐝careful,” while another referenced his famous catchphrase, questioning if he was “all right all right all right” after the sting.

Recently, McConaughey has been active on social media, particularly with posts about his family. In a recent post, he honored his eldest son, Levi, on his 16th birthday. He shared a heartfelt message, expressing hopes that he and his wife Camila Alves have prepared Levi well for the future.

“Alright Levi, coming on that age buddy. About to be out on your own. Me and your mom hope we’ve done as good of a job as we can. You’re not really going to have us as a safety net out there in the wonderful, wild world forever,” McConaughey wrote.

In addition to Levi, the actor and Alves are parents to Vida, 14, and Livingston, 11. It seems the family has remained unaffected by the bee, apart from McConaughey’s unfortunate encounter.

Source: iHeart, Getty Images