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Matthew Perry's Bank Balance at Death Was Very Different Than We Thought

Matthew Perry’s Bank Balance at Death Was Very Different Than We Thought

Matthew Perry, beloved actor from the television show “Friends,” was unmarried and childless at the time of his passing, prompting questions about the future of his finances. In March 2024, Us Weekly disclosed that Perry had appointed Lisa Ferguson and Robin Ruzan as co-executors of his estate. Ruzan, an executive producer on “Celebrity Liar,” a show in which Perry starred, opted out of the role. Consequently, Ferguson, Perry’s business manager, assumed the responsibility. It’s important to note that this does not entitle her to any of Perry’s assets; rather, she is tasked with ensuring that Perry’s wishes, as outlined in his legal documents, are honored.

Many are curious about who will ultimately inherit Perry’s assets. According to People, Perry ensured his wealth would stay within his family. His Alvy Singer Living Trust names his parents, John Perry and Suzanne Morrison, as beneficiaries. Moreover, his half-siblings, Caitlin Morrison and Rachel Dunn, are also included in the list of beneficiaries. The documents reveal that had Perry been a father, his children would not automatically have access to his estate.

As the details surrounding Matthew Perry’s finances, will, and trusts continue to be examined, it’s apparent that sorting through his considerable estate will take some time. Given his success, it is likely a meticulous process will be necessary to settle everything appropriately.

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