Mauricio Ochmann Guides Victoria Ruffo on Exploring the World of Derbez Traveling

Mauricio Ochman Reacts to Victoria Ruffo’s Statements

Mauricio Ochmann attended the red carpet of the movie, ‘Que Des Padre’ and could not avoid speaking out about the recent statements made by Victoria Ruffo. The famous soap opera star does not rule out participating in one of the seasons of the reality show “On a trip with the Derbez” which was the reason for Ochmann’s breakup with Aislinn Derbez in the past.

Mauricio expressed his surprise about this and laughingly commented, “No, well, everyone, travel with whoever they want, right? Good luck, I’ll send you kisses Vic. I love her very much, and well… I love you Vicky, have a nice time”.

Despite the differences in the past, Mauricio revealed that he and Aislinn currently maintain excellent communication for the good of their daughter. “The relationship I have is really very nice, and I thank you very much, I am very lucky that we are family and that we have achieved this beautiful bond, because at The end for me, you who know my story, are my family and it is the family that I have been creating,” said Ochmann.

Mauricio Ochman on Expanding his Family

Mauricio, who was caught with his partner Paulina Burrola at the airport before going on vacation, ruled out that at this moment he is thinking of expanding his family. “Pure pressure, they want children, they want everything, no, if we are going to have a great time, we are enjoying a lot and there we are living each stage” , he said about it.

Mauricio Ochman on His Daughter’s Suitors

The artist, who recently ventured as a singer, also revealed how he feels now that his daughter Lorenza is already beginning to have suitors. “She gives me a lot of security and confidence and we talk about everything and she is a very intelligent little woman, and with Kai of 5, they are two totally different stages”, he commented before leaving the place.

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Mauricio Ochman is known for his acting skills but his personal life also gets a lot of attention from the media. He has been a part of some high-profile relationships and his fans are always curious to know more. It seems like he is happy with his current relationship and enjoying every moment of it.

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