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Max Caster's Forbidden Door Rap Gains Unlikely Fans at Fox News for Biden Diss

Max Caster’s Forbidden Door Rap Gains Unlikely Fans at Fox News for Biden Diss

In the lead-up to his highly-anticipated match alongside Anthony Bowens and Hiroshi Tanahashi against The Elite’s Kazuchika Okada and the Young Bucks at Forbidden Door, fans speculated about what Max Caster, the hometown hero, would say during his return to Long Island. Known for his cutting promos, Caster had been on the receiving end of several defeats by the "Rainmaker" and his team for weeks. The Elite even muted his microphone multiple times to avoid his iconic rhymes, making it clear Caster had a score to settle.

Max Caster, not one to shy away from controversy, once again pushed the limits with his pre-match rap. He aimed his lines at President Joe Biden and Justin Timberlake before directing his words at Okada and the Bucks.

“The Acclaimed, rocking with the ‘Ace.’ The rap star, not afraid to rock you in the face. Sometimes, you gotta pop out, I’m showin ‘em. Leave ‘em out of breath like Biden at the podium. Yo, no debate. Get your mug shot on Long Island like Timberlake,” Max Caster rhymed during his prelude at Forbidden Door.

“The Elite, we’re stopping it here. I’mma kill you, like you did Okada’s career. You’re pathetic really. On the mic, never witty. You’re such a psy, when I see you, I say, hello kitty. Such a pity when I’m rocking a rhyme, I make Okada my bch when I’m dropping a dime. Now on-air bch, blonde hair bch, beat you so bad, get a message chair, bch. Ugly-a bch, you look like a bch, shout to the crew, leave ’em shook like a bch. Always won the hard way, I’mma beat your a on the Cross-Island Parkway. Live from the hood that I claim, on Long Island, everybody loves The Acclaimed.”

The fans on Long Island cheered in approval of Caster’s rap, although his team did not secure the win, with Tanahashi taking a Rainmaker for the defeat. However, Caster still managed to grab a consolation prize from an unlikely source: Fox News. The conservative news outlet gave him props, perhaps more for his jab at Biden than anything else, despite their usual lack of coverage on AEW or wrestling.

For some performers, recognition from Fox News might not be a point of pride, but Caster took it in stride. He even passed the news along to AEW PR, highlighting that he had garnered additional press for the promotion, even if most commenters quickly recognized the joke.

Whether Caster will leverage this newfound attention moving forward remains uncertain. Historically, aligning with right-wing politics hasn’t fared well for professional wrestlers, as seen in the cases of performers like Jack Swagger. As a result, it feels unlikely that Caster will lean into this niche publicity.

In other AEW news, Tony Khan, the president of AEW, made an appearance on the Wrestling Observer ahead of Forbidden Door. Khan discussed the promotion’s media rights contracts and hinted at a significant upcoming deal, potentially with Warner Bros Discovery or another major company.

“The most important key point is, for us, we’ve had historically strong numbers and maintained strong numbers in TV. That is the thing we need to do. Keep doing what we’re doing because the numbers that we have are numbers people at TV would kill to have. I really need to focus on doing good shows for AEW, not about what the competition is doing,” Tony Khan shared with Dave Meltzer and others according to Fightful.

“In this case, our competitor going out ahead of us and getting good media rights deals was a positive for us and is good for us because we have good historical comps. These comps are favorable for us. I’ve done tons of market research, retained top analysts, and data scientists. Most TV shows would kill for our ratings and demos. In sports, we skew really young. It’s important to focus on that. I think it’s going to be a really good summer for us. We had really good growth through last summer too. Getting back to the best of what AEW does is important to me, and historically, we’ve done a lot of that in the summer.”

AEW has seen remarkable growth over its first five years, evolving from an idea to the second-biggest wrestling promotion worldwide at an impressive rate. The next media rights contract could shape the company’s trajectory heading into 2025 and beyond. This pivotal deal will be one of the most important wrestling news stories of the year and will play a significant role in defining the industry’s future.

Source: Fightful, Twitter