Maya Mishalska’s comeback to the soap opera world brings good fortune

Maya Mishalska Makes a Comeback to Soap Operas in “Stroke of Luck”

If you are a fan of Mexican soap operas, surely you remember the villain of “Cuidado con el ángel” or “Pasión”, a role played by Maya Mishalska, who – in both productions – did not hesitate for a second to leave her poison for the protagonists and characters had an unhappy life. How to forget her, is not it?

Despite the fact that the actress earned the rejection of the audience for perfectly embodying her antagonistic roles, many demanded her return to the small screen, after moving away from her for a few years from the recording studios; well, her demands were heard, since the histrionics returns to soap operas with “Stroke of Luck“.

In the following paragraphs we will tell you who she will play in the soap opera starring Mayrín Villanueva and Eduardo Yáñez.

It should be noted that this fiction is produced by Nicandro Díaz, from “My fortune is to love you” and “My way is to love you”; so success is assured.

Maya Mishalska’s Return to Soap Operas

The last production in which we saw Maya Mishalska was in “My adorable curse” in 2017, the year she stopped appearing in soap operas. From that moment, the public was surprised to note that it was not part of any other melodrama. But the anguish is over, since after five years of being away, she returns with “Stroke of Luck”, something that undoubtedly filled her with emotion.

“Returning to the corridors, to the forums, to see everyone, to give them hugs, to say hello, to share experiences, what has happened… We are a big family and I think that there you feel it in your little houses,” he said in an interview for Televisa Espectáculos. “For me it is a joy, once again, to be able to do bad things,” he added. With this message, she makes it clear to us that she is back in the roles that she loves so much.

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What Character Will Maya Mishalska Perform in “Golpe de Suerte”?

“Hi, I’m Maya Mishalska and I’m going to be Constance [en ‘Golpe de suerte’]. Taking care of two orphaned children is very annoying and my daughter does not help that much. Since my husband died, my life is unbearable”, this is how the actress introduced herself.

The news of her return was applauded by the audience, who asked her never to leave the recording studios. Stroke of Luck will begin recording in July of this 2023 and will be released in the last quarter of this year.

What Is “Golpe de Suerte” About?

According to the same producer, “Golpe de suerte” will try to promote values. “It has many values, but at the same time there is luck and when we believe that luck reaches our souls, problems often begin,” its producer told People in Spanish. Mayrín Villanueva will play Lupita, a housewife who adores his family, and Eduardo Yáñez to Nacho Pérez, a neighborhood man who also watches over his loved ones.

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