Maya Nazor: Moving Forward After Separating From Santa Fe Klan

By: Amelia Deming

Published on:

Maya Nazor, the 22-year-old model and content creator, recently announced her separation from Santa Fe Klan. The couple had been together for almost two years and had a son together named Luka.

Although the reasons for their separation have not been revealed, Maya explained through a live broadcast on her social media accounts that the split was mutual and on good terms. She also asked for respect from her followers and fans during this time.

Now that Maya Nazor is single, many are wondering what her plans are. Luckily, the social media influencer is perfectly capable of supporting herself and her son.

Maya Nazor has always been a content creator and a model even before she started dating the rapper Ángel Quezada (Santa Fe Klan). She has a YouTube channel called @MayaNazor, where she posts vlogs about her life, experiences, or answering questions from her fans. She also shared her baby shower and her experience as a new mother in one of her recent vlogs. Maya has more than 194 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Apart from YouTube, Maya is also very active on Instagram and TikTok. She has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, where she posts trendy outfits and swimwear photos. On TikTok, she has a whopping 7.2 million followers.

Maya Nazor is also a popular influencer and collaborates with different brands through the Trendsetters agency. Now that she’s single, she has many opportunities to explore and showcase her talents to the world.

In conclusion, Maya Nazor is moving forward with her life after separating from Santa Fe Klan. She remains a popular social media influencer and content creator with thousands of followers on different platforms. We wish her all the best in her future endeavors as she continues to inspire and entertain her fans.

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