Maya Nazor’s Ultimate Skincare Routine

Maya Nazor and the Santa Fe Klan were one of Mexico’s most popular couples, who eventually became parents to son Luka. However, the couple confirmed their separation in early 2023. While the singer concentrated on his musical career and refused dates, Maya resumed her life as an influencer, sharing her motherhood experiences and various projects.

Maya recently underwent a radiofrequency procedure for her body and face, which she shared with her 4.7 million followers on Instagram. A benchmark for fashion and beauty in Mexico, Maya underwent fractional radiofrequency. According to, the non-invasive procedure is a firming treatment that heats the dermis, retracting collagen fibers and stimulating the synthesis of new fibers to remove flaccidity resulting from a change in body mass or after gestation.

The effects of the procedure are minor but avoid the risk of an intervention. The number of sessions depends on the degree of flaccidity, generally 4-5 sessions every 3-4 weeks, and the effect lasts 12-18 months, with maintenance sessions recommended every 6-9 months.

While Maya has restarted her life as an influencer post-separation, Santa Fe Klan has refused dates since his breakup and is concentrating on his musical career. In an interview, he acknowledged that his decision comes from his separation with Maya Nazor, with whom he will continue to co-parent their son.

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