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Mayella Lloclla tells how she found out that she had been summoned to participate in “La Reina del sur” – MAG.

Mayella Lloclla She is happier than ever after being summoned to be part of “La Reina del Sur 3”, a successful series where she will act alongside Kate del Castillo and in which other Peruvian actors such as Gerardo Zamora, Emanuel Soriano and Rodrigo Palacios participate.

The Peruvian actress gave an interview to “América Espectáculos”, where she expressed her excitement at being part of this Telemundo project. She also gave details of how she found out that she had been summoned to join the cast of the series.

As he commented, he was asked to participate in the casting shortly after finishing recording the novel “Two Sisters”, and precisely when he was touring the country with his family.

The actress added that, upon arriving at Lima, her representative informed her that she had been selected. Although at first she did not assimilate the news, Mayella Lloclla could not contain her emotion when she confirmed that she would be part of the cast.

Excited and happy, proud of what is ours, proud that Peru shows itself internationally “The actress said after revealing that she also traveled to Colombia to record some scenes for this successful Telemundo production.

He also highlighted the humility of the actress Kate del Castillo, with whom he will share scenes. “Super simple, super human, a professional weapon to take, that one takes as an example, and for me it has been a learning experience interacting with her”, he said.

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