McDonalds venderá Dinamic Yield a Mastercard

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In 2019, McDonald’s bought for $ 300 million a Dynamic Yield, a startup dedicated to personalized digital promotions. After three years to boost sales in supermarkets and digital kiosks, the fast food chain has decided to sell it to Mastercard Rg-A according Kimberly Chin en The Wall Street Journal.

Dynamic Yield Ltd., which helps retailers deliver personalized digital promotions to consumers using customer data streams, has operated as a separate company within the chain since its acquisition. For McDonald’s, it offers personalized offers for its store customers. It also works with other retailers to drive sales online.

The firm said the deal would allow Dynamic Yield to further scale its capabilities and grow its third-party business. McDonald’s said that would continue to work with Dynamic Yield and Mastercard to bring the technology to additional markets. McDonald’s has worked with Mastercard on several of the fast food chain’s digital initiatives.

“With Dynamic Yield’s expertise and our scale and relationships, we will be able to take the connections between the end consumer and our customers to new heights,” said the President of Mastercard Data and Services, Raj Seshadri, in an emailed statement.

The companies declined to disclose the terms of the transaction. The deal is expected to close in the first six months of next year.

Executives have rated it as a central part of the burger chain’s evolving digital strategyas this and other fast food chains focus more on digital sales via outdoor menu boards and apps, following the growing preference of customers for receiving food delivered or ordering with less human interaction.

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McDonald’s installed Dynamic Yield suggestive selling technology in thousands of self-service and kiosks across USA, UK, Australia and Canada, and technology suggests additional menu items for customers to purchase when placing their order.

Sales in the US have increased during the pandemic, but franchisees have questioned the system’s performance over the past year. The company said that a review of the transactions found that the Dynamic Yield technology had contributed less to sales than originally reported.

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