“MCU Founder Set to Unveil a Fresh Superhero Cinematic Universe”

Ekos Universe, a new superhero cinematographic universe, is in the works and one of the founders of the UCM is behind it all. Although the UCM has faced challenges with its audience lately due to the pandemic and overexploitation of characters, it remains a profitable franchise. Companies attempt to develop similar adaptations, but this new universe could become a real competition.

Marvel Studios was created to sell ideas to other production companies for characters such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America. However, in 2003 producer David Maisel suggested a new way to leverage characters that involved a unified universe and a single line to be used independently and in joint events, as comic book readers had been doing for years. Maisel is called the architect of the UCM.

Maisel is now ready to exploit the Mythos line he launched in 2018 and promotes his vision as “Marvel meets Avatar.” The idea is to adapt several of the comics created by Michael Turner, such as Fathom and Soulfire, as series, movies, animations, and video games. Ekos Universe already has a strong enough millionaire backing for Maisel to move forward with his plans faster than expected.

Old colleagues who helped shape the UCM are part of Maisel’s team planning this new franchise, and there is an ambitious concept with plans for animated adaptations of Cupid with Justin Bieber as the protagonist. Although Mythos characters do not interact like those of Marvel or DC, Maisel could do it to promote competition with the UCM.

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