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Meaning Behind Katy Perry’s ‘143’ Album Title

Katy Perry fans have been eagerly awaiting her highly-anticipated sixth studio album for months, and the title has finally been unveiled.

The album, named 143, carries a unique hidden message. “I set out to create a bold, exuberant, celebratory dance-pop album with the symbolic 143 numerical expression of love as a throughline message,” Perry stated in a press release. The number 143 is a common text code from the 1990s, used to represent “I love you” on pagers and early cell phones.

The album is now available for pre-order on Perry’s website. To support the album, the star has also released exclusive merchandise, including an orange “KP” hat, a black t-shirt featuring the outline of Perry in “cartoon legs” from one of her promotional photoshoots, exclusive vinyl records, and more.

Katy Perry’s new album is set to drop on September 20 via Capitol Records. A press release describes the record as “a sexy, fearless return to form for the multifaceted musician. Jam-packed with the kind of empowering and provocative pop anthems fans have come to love, 143 is an album with a lot of heart – and a lot of BPM.”

This album marks Perry’s first release since 2020’s Smile, which included tracks like “Daisies,” “Never Really Over,” and “Harleys in Hawaii.”

So far, the only song revealed from the track list of 143 is the first single, “Woman’s World.” Katy Perry co-wrote the song with songwriter Chloe Angelides and producers Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald, Vaughn Oliver, Rocco Did It Again!, and Aaron Joseph.

The singer released the first teaser for “Woman’s World” on June 17. Both the song and its accompanying music video are scheduled to debut on July 11.

Source: PopCrush