Meat stocks: they asked Matías Kulfas for the total elimination of restrictions

The interim president of Coninagro, Elbio Laucirica next to Marcelo Espinosa, coordinator of the technical teams of the entity, held on Tuesday a face-to-face meeting with the Minister of Productive Development of the Nation, Matías Kulfas, who was presented with a work schedule and asked to completely eliminate the ban on beef exports.

“We propose the elimination of restrictions on the export of beef because we understand that it is not necessary to quantitatively restrict sales abroad, since it damages the formation of prices, the dynamics of the auctions and the productive and reproductive plans in the field such as typification, traceability, sanitary status and improvements in productivity, ”said Laucirica.

The leader explained that they sent the official the “willingness to work on some points of interest for our cooperatives and their associates, depending on the current situation and future prospects.” The meeting was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Production and the parties agreed that it was “A pleasant and constructive meeting”.

“We understand that the efforts made in the joint they generate solutions to current issues in a sustainable way and that is why we share our work agenda with their ministry, ”said the entity’s president.

In addition to proposing the elimination of restrictions on meat exports, a list was presented to address the reduction of export duties to regional economies, as well as a reimbursement program.

Meanwhile, the entity highlighted the positive impact on employment, investment and local development generated by the regional economies, and they emphasized the need to establish “a positive signal” that allows the national and international insertion of certain products. In addition, they stated that export duties and the lack of reimbursements impede their development.

Good Practices, biofuels, waterway, among other requests

Meanwhile, a central theme of the meeting with Kulfas was the Livestock Plan, where the representatives of Coninagro asked that the promotion and investment of the cooperatives be strengthened. In addition, there was discussion about the Waterway, the export promotion project of the Argentine Agroindustrial Council and the assessment of Good Practices in credits and productive programs.

About him new regulatory framework for biofuels, They stressed that a program is necessary to complement the approved project that encourages the production of these energies of agricultural origin. “The main reasons for the need for more tools are the reduction of the quota, the brake on environmental progressivity, the discretion that is opened by being able to leave certain costs out of the price equation, among other points ”, they explained.

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