Medford Texas and Young Sheldon Shoots – Everything to Know

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Series and online shows have greatly impacted the viewer’s mind. People want to know everything about their favorite shows, from places to the surroundings. Even after the series comes on the platform, their followers notice their places, and then it is a great deal for them to cover all the shoot places of the series. Medford, Texas, is one of the recently famous hyped places that has come into the picture after the sixth season of the young Sheldon. 

Throughout the series, fans start recognizing the resemblance of the places from the big bang theory. Seldon’s cooper childhood follows the show, and then him becoming a marvel fan. But what comes into the picture is fans wanting to know where the series has been shot. Let us know more about the town and its resemblance to the show.

Where does Young Sheldon Take Place?

Big bang theory takes place in Pasadena, Los Angeles. The show’s theme is the friendship of four friends living in the same house. How their adventures and awkward endearing took place, the show became super exciting. Well, young Sheldon took all their fans back to the 1990s and showed the story of him in high school. People fantasize about the town’s beauty and how everything appears perfect in the area. However, the name of the city in the show, Medford, Texas, is completely fictional. There is no real existence in the town. That has broken the hearts of the viewers. 

Well, the twist in the story is that the original series was shot in a real-life location. People can go and experience their favorite character’s routine. But the series Young Sheldon is completely fictional. There is no existence of any such town. The show has purposely shown the real-time presence of the dates and the collapsing events from the original series. This shows viewers’ connection between both series. 

Interestingly viewers can connect the two series, and directors have also put the same efforts into showing the connectivity of the two shoes. Jim Parsons has returned to play the role of the young Sheldon to connect the shows. Parsons has never stopped to add the hint about his character because the series allows him to explore the hidden area of the character. Even if the final show is stopped, him being his young version is always an interesting story to see. 

Different Filming Locations On The Show

The series, despite its resemblance to the previous one, also has its own hint of addition. Like any other series, the young Sheldon also has sitcoms. Some of the places keep repeating, and you can see the indulgence of place in setting up the scenario. Sheldon home. School and its surroundings are the places that keep on repeating in the series. However, the set of the series is supposed to be shot in the town of Medford, Texas, which is fictional. 

Some of the other series locations that keep reappearing are as follows. Some locations have been converted back to the 1800s to give the town a real existence in the series. 

  • Los Angeles, USA

The first part of most of the series was shot in Los Angeles, USA. Most of the parts of the first series were shot in Los Angeles, USA.

  • California

When it comes to the exterior shots, most of the filming of the exterior shots has been done in California. San Fernando Valley was the actual house of Sheldon. It is located at 5501 Morella avenue in north Hollywood, California. The Kehoe house has a beautiful aesthetic touch and is located a couple of miles away from the Warner Bros studios. 

Besides these two famous spots, the church is the regular spot where the Seldon family regularly goes. In the series, the church is also situated in the fictional town of Medford, Texas. But in reality, the shot was held on the first Christian churn of Hollywood on 4390 Colfax avenue in north Hollywood, California. 

Next comes Sheldon high school, also located in Medford, Texas. The school is actually situated in van Nuys high school. The school is located at 6365 Cedros Avenue, Los Angeles, California. Apart from the exterior’s major input, parts of the series have been set in the same school.

Warner Bros Studios California

Warner bros studio has been a major part of the whole series. The entire location can be depicted in the small studio, which has given good terms to the series through its aesthetic look. Warner studios have been set in the bulb work California. All the indoor shots have been shot in the same studio only. Even The other locations are also close to the studio. It is easy to bring all the sets under the same roof together. 

The series has set to be the preforms of the big band theory. And the directors have put all the effort into perfectly showing the resemblance between both series. Besides the house of the Sheldon grandmother, meemaw is shown to be situated in the opposite lane of Shelton’s home. The actual place of granny’s house is located four blocks away from the seldom house. The house was all set in the Warnes’s studio in blondie street.

Storyline Of The Young Sheldon

When it comes to the series, it is a precursor of the big band theory of the nine-year boy Sheldon cooper. The young copper is the main lead of the story, and the idea behind the storyline of the young Sheldon is unique. 

The story is about a young boy trying to fit into the normal world. His family and friends are the ones he finds the biggest challenge to get competence on. He wants to get done in society and the standard terms of them, but it is quite a challenging task to get along with the world with such an intelligent power. 

The whole shoot and the series have been printed on the 1800s terms. Directors have given a beautiful aesthetic touch to the cast and the surroundings. The name of the town is given to Medford, Texas, but in reality, there is no physical existence of the city. But despite the nonexistence, people have easily cracked the delas and places that are similar to the previous series and in real-time locations. 

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