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Media player: Winamp is looking for beta testers for the new version

Developer Radionomy wants to revise the media player Winamp: On the changed on November 18th website it says “something big is happening”. Accordingly, Winamp is to be adapted “for a new generation”. The developers are currently looking for beta testers for the upcoming version of the media player.

Winamp is a veteran among media players; the program has been playing users’ music collections on desktop computers since 1997. However, with the rise of streaming services like Spotify, Winamp has fallen behind more and more in recent years. The latest update for Winamp, version 5.8, was released exactly two years ago – inevitably because the files had leaked. Previously, there had been no update for five years. Version 5.8 removed, among other things, paid features and made Winamp freeware again.

Now Radionomy is apparently really serious about the media player again. “The new Winamp connects you to your music, no matter where you are,” writes the development team on the new website. “It’s a home for your favorite music, podcasts and radio stations.”

The wording suggests that the desktop program Winamp should also be used for mobile applications. Winamp had already announced plans for a realignment in an interview in 2018: The mobile version is to become a universal player for audio files from various sources, i.e. a central point of contact for local songs and streaming music, said the company at the time TechCrunch.

The new version of Winamp could have version number 6. The current version 5.8 can also be found on the new website of the media player – but only if you scroll down to the bottom. Radionomy has not yet announced a schedule for the beta test and the release of the revised Winamp. For the Winamp beta test you can register on a separate website.


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