Mediamarkt does not sell you a Xiaomi scooter for 1.99 euros: It is a scam by Facebook

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We are about to enter the Single’s Day, or Singles Day in China, a kind of Black Friday focused on technology that has made a little hole in the West. And we are also two weeks away from Black Friday itself, with which some websites and platforms are already starting their discount campaign.

But nowhere, surely not even in China itself, are you going to find the offer that a dubious ad is spreading on Facebook: An Xiami electric scooter for less than 2 euros.

Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 a 1.99 and Mediamarkt

The Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2 It is an electric scooter that has 45 kilometers of autonomy with a single charge, reaches 25 km / hour, has a screen and Bluetooth to connect the mobile. If we take a look at how much it is worth on the Mediamarkt website, we get a total of 549 euros. But if we look at an ad that appears on Facebook in recent days, it tells you that it can be for € 1.99. In other words, a discount of almost 99.9%.

Is there a trick? Are the authors of the ad trying to scam someone? Yes, and in the most blatant way possible. How can we read in the Maldito Bulo section of the website, responsible for dismantling hoaxes, scams and scams, the ads are published from different Facebook pages such as “Scooter discount -99%” O “MediaMarkt Online”, but none is the official MediaMarkt. What’s more, “If we click on the link that accompanies the ad, we see that we leads to a website whose URL ( does not correspond to that of these stores (, in Spain) ”.

You are a winner!

If you enter that website, you will see a text praising you as a random winner of a survey that “It will only take you a minute” and you can ganar the scooter in question as a prize for the 65th Anniversary of Mediamarkt -company that was founded in 1979 in Germany, and therefore He is 42 years old, not 65. On this website to which you have been redirected from the Facebook ad there is a questionnaire with three questions that you have to answer to, supposedly, get the scooter. Also, they rush you to reply as soon as possible because “prizes are limited”, they assure.

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After answering three questions, regardless of the answers you give, te leads to another screen where you have to open a series of boxes to check if you have won the prize. They tell you that “you have three tries”, that is, you can open up to three boxes to check if the scooter is in one of them. Even so, “the scooter always shows up and always does so on the last try ”.

Ok now you have 2 minutes to confirm your details and take the scooter. And suddenly, from that initial price of 1.99 euros now has rounded to € 2 – Since when do you have to pay even € 2 if you have had something on a website of this style?

Mediamarkt does not sell you a Xiaomi scooter for 1.99 euros: It is a scam by Facebook

To pay commission

On this other website they ask you your personal and bank details, but be very careful because there is small print: “Both at the top of the page and at the bottom we can read that the offer includes a three-day trial period,” after which the subscription fee will be automatically charged to your credit card (33 EUR every 14 days ) ”, which is summarized in that You are not going to take any scooter for 2 euros, but each month you will bleed € 66 from your account.

On his Twitter account in Spain, MediaMarkt has warned of this case of phishing and assures that it is a “fraud“. And the best thing not to bite in these cases is to stop, plain and simple, to think about everything, because the more attractive an offer is, the more it could be a Phishing attempt.

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So if you see a giveaway for these and it does not take you to the official websites of these stores, companies, chains, etc., it is best to contact their customer service before going for the prize and then regret very strongly for have done it.


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